Friday, March 16, 2012

Servant Love - A Boy, A Ladder, And A Dusty Chandelier

Logan was home for spring break. Sprawled over his favorite wing chair. Lost in a book.

And I couldn't resist a few moments with my son.

"How ya doing?" I asked. I plunked on the sofa across from him.

He placed a marker in his book, looked up, and smiled.

"Good. It's nice to have free time. Nice to be home."

I smiled back.

Perfect. Having him here. Blending into the fold. Couldn't be better.

Then I glanced at the chandelier.

Covered with dust. Coated with grime. Luster lost in a hundred days of no-time-to-clean.

"What are you looking at, Mom?" Logan asked.

I don't know why that thing bothers be so. Maybe because it's beautiful, original to the house when she was wired with electric flow. Maybe because it reminds me of all the things I can't do, of the house I'd like to keep, but can't, and maybe never will...

"Nothing," I said. "What are your plans for the day?"

We talked for awhile. Easy and light. Then I let him be, back to his book. Back to his time.

And I returned to my stuff, too.

An hour later, I passed through that room, where I'd left my son.

But I didn't find him sprawled in the chair, deep in words...

he was on a ladder, deep in dirt.

Plucking small crystals from the chandelier. Washing them in a sudsy pail.

"Logan," I said, looking up, to the boy perched high. "You don't have much time. Why would you do that?"

He peered down. Smiled. Wiped a crystal clean.

"Because I want to help you, Mom. That's all."

Now the boy is back at college. Spring break is gone, and so is his time.

But when that chandelier sparkles and shines, throws light over the floor, catches my eye and brings delight not dread

I know that my son gave something just for me,

and I know I'm deeply loved.

Lord, thank you for this son, and for his heart to serve. Keep my eyes open too, that I may serve others with love.

Servant love, following the example of Jesus, Teacher-King bent low to wash  dirt from dusty feet. Have you heard Michael Card's "The Basin and the Towel"? Touches my heart deep. Every time.

Link: The Basin and The Towel from Michael's Poiema cd