Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lizard in the Stairwell

There's a lizard in the stairwell.



He catches my eye as I move down the stairs.

Not unusual. Not here. To find a lizard. A plastic snake. An alligator with teeth frozen, stretched wide, in forever pursuit.

The lizard blends.

Camouflaged in this house.

True, his habitat is a swirl of dust.

There's a sprinkle of toys, under the cabinet where he rests, too.

And heaven forbid what lurks behind.

But there's time later.

To sweep the house clean.

To remove traces. Toys. Dust.

But for today, it's a sign of life.

A home where life pumps free.

Children play.

Family breathes.

And lizards perch

in the stairwell.

Thank you, God, for even clutter and dust, that are signs of Your gift ~ rich, sweet life.



  1. we have lots of & toys here too!

  2. Hey Sarah ~ Hoorah, that's good! There's blessing in that! See you tomorrow. No worries about the rich dust and!