Thursday, March 29, 2012

Grace and Goodness - Sissy Comes Home

When His goodness flows, so rich and sweet, and there's life in His blood, I'll never understand...

And everyday mercies are close enough to hold

in our hands and in our hearts...

                           He wipes away little-boy tears, and He's gentle with my soul, too.

                                                           Questions are made quiet

                                                         because we don't have to know

                                                       anything more than He is good

                                                                  so very, very good

and we'll never comprehend
(this side of heaven)

the beautiful depth of His love.


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  2. I always wanted boys! But I see clearly God's plan for me. there is a reason for my girls..Your boys are so sweet! Love the dog, I can feel the love..

  3. Thanks, Mohamed, I appreciate that. Have a very nice day!

  4. Hi Jenny! Thank you. I love, love how God knows exactly what we need. (I always enjoy the pics of your beautiful girls on your blog..thx). The dog..ah...such a blessing. The last time was so sad. This blessing is rich. SHe's brought much JOY.:)

  5. She looks so sweet and very loving! I hope she is sharing the hot cocoa. =)

  6. Hey Kel. This girl is precious. We are so blessed. God's goodness in many ways. And you are funny! This one doesn't want to make her own treats.