Monday, July 25, 2011

Power of a Word

When Lonny and I were first married, we knew how to tear each other apart. Verbal weapons make deep, jagged wounds. That was before we went to the Lord for healing. Forgiveness. Breath. Life. But I won’t forget that words carry power. They can be used to rip someone down. Or build someone up.

When my older boys were small, Lonny and I used a tube of toothpaste, during devotions, to drive this home with our sons. We’d pass the tube around the table, on a throw-away plate, and let everyone give it a squeeze. The toothpaste flowed easily, but it was impossible to put it back in the tube once it gushed out.

Just like words.

God’s truth has a lot to say about the tongue. It’s like a rudder, steering an entire ship. And where there’s too many words, sin is usually present.

Today I’m reminded to measure my words. To remind my sons of the power of their words, too.

A heart is a tender place, and I want our words to be sweet nourishment for the soul.

God, may the words we use today edify others and bring You glory.

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  1. As a teacher of English, I urge my students to understand the power of their words. I love the toothpaste tube analogy. Thank you for sharing your heart, Shawnelle.