Monday, July 11, 2011

First Time Wonder

Last summer we took the boys to see Christopher Columbus replica ships. The ships were sailing down the Mississippi, toward the gulf, and were docked and open for tour. On the way, Gabriel fell asleep, head tipped down, sweet, soft summer-blond locks falling over his face. We traveled along the river drive, and through gaps in the riverfront properties, we began to catch glimpses of great masts and sails. Samuel shook his brother’s shoulder, and Gabe lifted his head. When he saw the white sails billowing against the summer blue sky, he was in awe. Amazed. Captivated. I’ll never forget the look on his tiny face when he first witnessed the glory of the ships.

I felt the same way last Sunday. Dr. Sauer, our interim pastor from Moody Bible Institute, taught from Matthew. I’d read the passages many times, but the application of the text had never quite hit home.

It’s about food. Miracles. And trust.

Scripture tell us that Jesus fed the multitudes. Satisfied thousands. Filled the bellies of hungry crowds.  Food to spare. Baskets brimming . Miracles. Provision. Glory.  And not just one time. Twice. In Matthew 14, He fed five thousand. In Mattthew 15, He fed four thousand.

The disciples witnessed both feedings.

Later, the same men were in a boat with Jesus (Matthew 16). Someone had forgotten to pack the food. There was bickering. Tension. Born from the bellies of hungry men. “Who forgot the food? There’s no food in this boat!” And there they sat with the Master, the one who had fed the crowds.

The disciples had forgotten. What Jesus had done. What Jesus could do.

Typical, I’d say. Sounds just like me. I see the Lord’s magnificent hand in my life. In the lives of my boys. Then the next time life growls like a churning, empty belly, I forget.

Oh, Lord, help me to remember.

Sitting in church that day, it was though I’d read that passage for the very first time. The words were fresh. New. Amazing. Captivating. Just like the ships were for Gabe.

Oh, I love the Word of God. And thank you, Holy Spirit. For teaching. Unveiling. Allowing me to see truth with first time wonder.

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