Monday, July 4, 2011

One Good Thing

Okay. I’m going to hang-out-there on this one. On a skinny limb. Bloomers billowing in the breeze. Gulp. Here it goes.

The boys and I attended a community event yesterday. It was awesome-good. Classic summer. Besides the fun and sun and frozen sweetness on sticks, we were able to visit with friends. Lots of them. Moms. Kiddos. People we love. People we admire.

But every conversation was the same. Everyone shared a similar struggle.

And the buzzword was “busy”.

Moms were busy. Kids were busy. Running around. Teams. Sports. Lessons. Day trips. Zoo. Pool. Park. Play ground.

Commitment. Commitment. Commitment.

Stress. Stress. Stress.

Funny thing is, every mother, while to-the-hilt full, still wanted something.

Down time.

Time to read to the kids. To sit in the yard. To breathe and relax and enjoy without the ticking of the clock. Several even dared to dream of taking better care of husbands. Homes. To have clean kitchen floors and windows fit to see through. I could relate. I will not confess who-wore-whose-undies to VBS last week.

So I stand challenged. My own summer has been a blur. Chest-heavy, get-in-the-car, we’re-gonna-be-late, go-kids-go, full. And it’s all good. If the opportunities were not good, they would not be on my plate. But an abundance of goodness can be too much.

So this week I’m going to practice saying “no” to one good thing. I’m going to pull a chair under the maple. Share ice cream on the porch. Find a tattered copy of C.S. Lewis-something. Maybe even rendezvous with Mr. Clean and hit that ceramic tile.

It will be counter-culture. Scary. And what if I deprive my boys or myself of some enriching, monumental, can’t- live- without experience?


How hard can it be, to let go of one good thing?
"No" is just a two-letter word.

Wish me luck!

I'll let you know...

Lord, help me to manage my calendar. To know what to keep, to know what to let go...


  1. I can soooo relate! I cleaned house this past week and have been so proud of myself. I want a gold medal for the effort! I didn't get to the ceramic tile floors or windows, but at least you can tell we have carpet now in the bedrooms that had doubled as storage closets. :)

  2. Hoorah! Sending you a gold star and a hug, Friend! :)

  3. So, not interested in a playdate this week then??? hehehe....kidding! We will have to do it again soon though. I love this challenge....I want to do it too...but not this, or next. I'm just too busy! :P AHHHH....silliness aside, I see sort of a summer ebb and flow around our house...weeks that are busy and weeks that aren't. By the time I find a balance, it gets busy again and everything I've "done" falls back apart. Trying to make it a point to carve out some PaPa time during the day. :)