Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Poem and a Prayer

“ Mama,” Zay said. “I forgot what it’s like. When you sing.”

I looked into the green eyes of my little boy. Well, what I could see of them. He wore a too-big, fogged-up swim mask. We were floating in our backyard pool, clinging to the sizzling sides of a tire tube, hitting the chorus of Little White Duck. The other little boys dodged around. Jumped from the deck. Splashed and laughed and swam like mad.

I’d said “no” to a few good things. And the blessings were rich.

My last post, One Good Thing, brought quite a few e-mails. So many of us need time to better care for our families. To manage our homes. To encourage our husbands, hold our children, sit, appreciate, listen, feel.

Time to be still and know that He is God.

My friend, Debbie, penned this poem. Thanks, Sister, for sharing from your heart.

BY D. L. Ritz

If I would say no
To just one good thing today
Just one nice-busy thing
you know…

There might be room
To grow and breathe
Or sing and dance
Create or learn

Or just by chance
To do with joy
One true good thing

Sweet Jesus,

We live in a blessed time. We’re surrounded by an abundance of good things. Help us to know where to put our time, our hands, and our hearts. Align us with your plan, so that no small blessing would be missed.
In Your hands, there will be true good things today.

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