Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weird and Wonderful Things - Finding Simple Joy

Zay and I are at the school table working on his math. It's been a tough couple of days with one of the older boys, and I'm feeling pressed thin.

"Mom, you know what's weird?" Zay asks. He looks up from his paper and slugs a drink from a plastic tumbler. When he swallows he puts the tumbler down and it thunks the table hard.

We're working on even numbers but now my mind produces about three weird things.


Zay stops me short. "Sometimes orange juice makes me smile."

And he grins.

And his mouth is ringed pulpy-orange.

And suddenly I'm smiling, too.

Lord, sometimes days are hard.  Sometimes circumstances are tough. But help me to find simple joy in the weird and wonderful things. Amen.

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