Thursday, January 31, 2013

From the Love of Things

Zay and I are on the living room floor. We're in the center of plastic bat castles. Batman and Robin are perched high. Riddler and Joker lurk in dark corners.

And Zay looks at me with a smile brighter than the January day.

"What was your favorite toy when you were little?" he asks.

I think. Hard. But I don't recall. Maybe a baby doll named Mandy. Maybe kitchen set for my Barbies.

"I don't remember," I say. "You'll have to ask Nan. I bet she'll know."

Zay picks up an action figure. Batman soars around the castle. Then he plunks firm on the perch.

"What's your favorite, Zay?" I ask.

Zay looks off as if to peering into some distant wonder. Then his green eyes meet mine.

"That's easy," he says. "God. Daddy. And you."

Lord,  free my heart from the love of things. May affections be pleasing to You.

1 comment:

  1. awww, love that boy, love the story, love the conviction in it, and love that someone special, namely YOU, taught him to love God first :)