Monday, January 14, 2013

A Plan for Prayer - Gleaning and Learning from a Friend

I was sitting at a wedding reception with a friend. I hadn't seen her in too long. The conversation, like always, was rich and sweet. She has four boys - now grown to men.

And she told me about the way she prays for her boys.

And I was captivated, and I want to try, too.

"I pray for one boy each day. Of course, things come up. Struggles. Praises. Things that need to be covered in the lives of my boys. So I pray for all of my sons every day. But I schedule a day for each son. To pray for him, as completely as I can, throughout the day," she said.

I thought about that. I pray for my boys daily, too. But often it's hurried. Crunched. I imagined praying in the morning for all of my boys. Then, as the day moves on, lifting bullet prayers for an individual son.

So today I wake and decide that this will be the day.

And I'm going to shake things up and let the last be first.

So Isaiah, I'll pray for you today...

While I'm in the shower - Thank you, Lord, for Zay's kindness. Thank you for his helping ways. While I'm doing dishes - Lord, let Isaiah love you with all his heart, soul, mind and strength. While I'm buttering toast - Lord, may he know and love your Word. While I'm flipping flash cards for brother - Please allow him to be a good friend, Lord. A friend like Jonathan was to David. Allow him to have this kind of  friend, too. While I'm darting to the store - Lord, when he sins, let that sin be revealed. When I'm loading the dishwasher and loading the family into the car - Lord, keep him safe. Keep him strong. May his relationships with his brothers be protected. May he love and serve others well. May he turn to you in times of trouble. May he always love you first....

So, Monday will be for Isaiah. Tuesday for Gabe. Wednesday for Samuel. Thursday for Grant. And Friday will be for Logan.

I'm a gleaner - I love to follow behind and learn from my friends.

Thank you, Kim, for this new way to pray for my boys.

Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise.
 James 5:13


  1. I love that idea! Sometimes I feel that I don't pray as in depth as I would like because there are so many specific prayers to be said. I'm going to try this too!

  2. I know, Kelly! That's how I feel - exactly. I tried this yesterday, and it was very sweet to pray through the day for Isaiah. Today while I'm praying for Gabe, I'll send bullet prayers for you, too, as you pray for your beautiful crew.:)