Monday, June 18, 2012

Hope and Heritage (Happy Father's Day)

Since a father's influence, the way his legacy stretches far, is timeless...I guess a well-wish can be, fatherhood is more than a day, it's a lifetime, and often more...

I don't have to look too far to be grateful...

grateful for men who hold the hearts of the ones they love

men who pour time and talents for thirsty souls.

I'm grateful for men who live by honor and virtue and chivalry and who understand that moments spent today guide the hands and hearts tomorrow.

I'm grateful for men who know that blessing is often born through time, and that among the sweetest gifts is heritage flowing down.

I'm grateful for men who look at the miracle in their hands and see, really see...the beauty and promise and grace that overflow. 

                   And I'm grateful for men who work with tools of hope, building the next generation from the sweet sons of today.                           

Thank you, God....