Thursday, June 7, 2012

Creating Ties that Keep - The Blessing of Time

Sometimes falling in love with those around us means saying "no" to ten other things,
so we can roll out of bed and share breakfast on the porch.

Sometimes it means listening, with pure ears, to someone's sweet, sweet song.

Sometimes loving well means meeting someone where he's at, where his interests are, even if he'll whoop you good.

And always, always, filling another's heart, pouring rich and deep and to the brim, means giving a piece of your own.

Do you know your child's love language? In their book The Five Love Languages of Children, Gary Chapman, Ph.D., and Ross Campbell, M.D., explore five ways children express and receive love (quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch and time). If I had to guess, five out of five, the primary language here would be time.


  1. Oh how sweet. Time. What a precious gift. For my daughter it would be communication, so what category would that be---maybe Quality Time. And for my son it is definitely not communication. lol. For Brooks and Kelly it is touch! :)

  2. Hi Peggy! Thanks for sharing. It's a cool thing - how our kids are different. Uniquely crafted! Amazes me - always. Brooks and Kelly loving that touch - makes me smile. Sissy. Hmmm. Not so sure.:)