Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gifts from the Heart

My friend's van pulls up and her passenger door flies open before I'm even out of mine.

"Here, Mrs. Eliasen. This is for you," says my friend's son, a sweet playmate of Sam's. "I made it."

And he hands me a water bottle. It's beautiful. There are flower petals inside. Pinks and purples and the deepest shade of lovely that is somewhere in between. The petals float in water. And from the cap comes a delicate white flower, a whisper of orange around its frilled edge.

I step from my van, take the bottle, and bend to hug my little friend. He smiles and my own heart swells.

"Thank you," I said, and I meant it. Deep.

The bottle now sits on our piano. I'm blessed each time it catches my eye. I think of our friend.

Did he know how he'd spoken love?

Gifts from the heart settle on the heart.

Gifts like flowers.


And love.


  1. I'm really glad you liked it, thankyou for writing a story about it! You are a special friend too :)
    Love, Ty

  2. You should have seen his face when he read this. A "real" story about him on the computer! He was very proud that you took the time to acknowledge his gift. Which was truely from the heart. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful person. Someone should give you flowers everyday! Thanks for making my boy's day...mine too!

  3. I love that--gifts from the heart settle on the heart. Beautiful!

  4. Oh so sweet, Sarah. You should've seen his face when he handed me the flowers...precious. I love that our lives, families, are twined together. God's goodness!

  5. Thanks Tyler. So glad you're our friend! And thanks again for making me smile so big (and the flowers are still lovely):)