Thursday, April 14, 2011

Like A Gator

Lonny and I have been blessed with many friends who pour into the lives of our boys. Dee and Jim are such friends. Our sons have the confidence that no matter what, Mr. and Mrs. McGimpsey care about them.
Dee and Jim travel to Florida each January to serve at a Christian camp. The boys miss them, but our friends return in February bearing alligator souvenirs. We have rubber gators. Wooden gators. A real, true, teeth-and-all gator head from an  alligator farm (this amber-eyed beauty topped Mrs. McGimpsey’s birthday cake last year). Our boys enjoy the fun treats from a place they’ve never been. But for them, it’s not about the gift.
For my boys, the souvenirs mean something more. They mean we love you, we pray for you, we think of you when we’re away. Our boys feel celebrated. Cared for. Cherished and remembered. That’s a precious thing.
The sentiment isn’t lost on our sons.
They know that sometimes love looks like a gator.
Thank you Lord, for Dee and Jim and all the other friends you’ve brought to love and support our family. We recognize the blessing and give the glory of these friendships to you.

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