Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boys, Boxes, and Brooms

When the world is moving too fast and my head is spinning and there are more needs than time and strength, when my list of “urgent” things is deep and wide and I wonder how I’ll get it all covered, when there are a million loose ends and even secure things are unraveling a mile-a-minute, God takes me by the hand, slows me down, opens my eyes and allows me to peer across the smooth sea, where the weather is just right for sailing, and the bow is filled with pretzels and oranges and a pop gun for good hunting. The sailors are mighty and the adventures are wild and there’s all the time in the world because life is nothing but good, good, good…

He takes me to a world of boys, boxes, and brooms.

What a wonderful place to be.

Thank you Jesus for slowing me down and settling my heart ...

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