Thursday, March 31, 2011

Safe or Strong?

Spring is here. There are new activities. New adventures. New questions.

“Can we explore the creek?”

“Think I can climb to the top of the tree?”

“Wanna watch me ride my bike without training wheels?”

I’m a cautious Mama. So I spend a lot of time praying. And cringing. And holding my breath while my boys climb too high and ride too fast and stand too close to rushing, swollen waters. It’s my nature to want to reel my guys in, to urge them to act on careful consideration.

But that’s my nature.

Not theirs.

Lonny and I are involved in a Sunday school class. We’re enjoying a study that was written to aid married couples in communication. And each week my heart is challenged. Not so much in the marriage-way, but in the way that I raise my boys.

To me, the study reinforces what I already knew – that God made men and women differently. It’s His plan. We’re made to complement one another, to fit together. Not to blend.

Because we’re not the same. That’s the design.

So a question comes to my mind, too. My guys are adventure seekers. They’re conquerors. They’re competitive. They’re physical, protective, and stand-on-the-edge curious. Not a bit like me. But…do I want my future-men to be safe? Or do I want them to be strong?

I want them to be strong.

Strong enough to do what’s right. Strong enough to defend others. Strong enough to uphold morals and values, to take care of themselves and their families, to love Jesus, to share His gospel, and stand alone if they have to.

So what does that sound like now?

“Sure, let’s explore the creek.”

“Go ahead and climb that tree.”

“I know you can ride that bike without the training wheels.”

Doesn’t sound too much like me. But I want to encourage my boys’ spirits, not my own fears. I don’t want my “cautious” to seep too far into their “conquer”. Someday their adventures will be bigger than trees and bikes. And I want them to be ready.

So for today, I’ll place my little boys in God’s hands.

I’ll trust Him to keep them safe, while I raise them to become strong.

(Photo - Two sons and two friends. Future strong men.)


  1. As always, GREAT writing. As a mother of boys, I can so relate!

  2. Safe or strong??? I'm like you, always reeling them in, wanting them to be safe. But I like your change of perspective....good words for my mama heart.

  3. Hmmmm....I think you are strong. And I think the Lord also calls us to be cautious...I admire your dedication to raising future MEN.

    "But whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm." Prov 1:33