Wednesday, March 9, 2011

She Speaks Scholarship Contest

Hey Dear Friends,

I’m off my beat – posting a day early. Have the boys, in their bottled-up-boyhood (it's March), driven me so far off the edge that I’ve lost all sense of date and time? Nope! It’s a contest, and this post is my entry.

Proverbs 31 Ministries has announced the next annual She Speaks Conference in Concord, North Carolina, July 22-24. The conference offers teaching, training, and tools for women to become better communicators of God’s Word, written or spoken. It’s about encouraging and equipping women to follow God’s lead in ministry. About reaching others for Jesus. About preparing and presenting messages that will minister to hearts and help change lives. She Speaks Conference

Lysa TerKeurst is offering a conference scholarship this week. This post, explaining why I’d like to go, is an opportunity to win that scholarship. She Speaks offers a writing track and a speaking track. It’s my prayer to attend the (gulp) speaking workshops. She-speaks-scholarship-contest-2011

I feel a little vulnerable. Transparent. Exposed. Grace and mercy! First my fear of volleyball. Now this.

Well, here it goes. I covet your prayers. And sweet blessings to you!

(Regular My Five Sons post tomorrow)

With love,



I love to talk about the Lord. His glory. His wonder. The way he looks low and breathes life into my days. Sit at my table? I’ll pour coffee and the words won’t run thin. Allow me to write? I’ll be blessed. Some of my favorite times are at the keyboard, feeling His love, knowing His grace. But ask me to speak? Out loud? In front of people? Even in the gentle safety of other believers? Well, I’ll think twice. I’ll pray. I’ll hear the Lord’s direction. Then I’ll say, “I’ll do it, Lord. But please, please, please send me an Aaron.”

Now, of course I’m not drawing a hard-line parallel in the circumstance. God was sending Moses into Egypt, to face Pharoah about setting His children free. He’s just asked me, on occasion, to share his love with small groups of Christian women. But the response is the same. “Please, Lord. I’m not eloquent. Send someone else. Oh, oh, oh. Not me. Me. Me.”

Yet I have a longing. A hope. A desire to walk in His will. I sense, somewhere in my spirit, that God’s hand is out. Not to push me into a place I don’t want to go, but to offer something. Though I’m not sure what God has in store for me, I am sure that I want to be in the fullness of His grace. If God is calling me to speak, no matter how small a gathering, it’s my desire to be prepared to answer.

I want to learn to speak effectively. I want to learn how to present. I want to learn to deliver a message that will move hearts and touch lives and draw others to the glory of God. I want to follow His direction and stand firm, unbridled by uncertainty. And I want to stand at that conference, on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, and face my greatest fear. Handing it to the Lord, moving forward in His strength and grace, learning, stretching, growing, and trusting Him for all it’s worth.

And the next time that phone rings with an opportunity to speak for His glory, I don’t want to look around for someone or something else.

I don’t want to reach for an Aaron.

I want to reach out, with new confidence and new skills, for the Lord.


  1. LOVE this! Found your blog through the She Speaks link and looking forward to reading more of it!

  2. Thank you so much, Kelly. Your encouragement really blessed me this morning. And blessings to you! Shawnelle

  3. This spoke straight to my heart this morning:
    "Yet I have a longing. A hope. A desire to walk in His will. I sense, somewhere in my spirit, that God’s hand is out. Not to push me into a place I don’t want to go, but to offer something. Though I’m not sure what God has in store for me, I am sure that I want to be in the fullness of His grace."
    So often I have felt the Lord was pushing me, when in His mercy, love and grace He was offering me an invitation to be in the fullness of His grace. How He loves us.

    May God continue to nudge you and may you continue to step out in GOD-confidence, answering His call with a resounding "YES, Lord....send me!"

  4. Keep us posted on how the contest goes!

  5. I love the picture you gave of God's hand extended to you...offering you something. I know the feeling. And I, too, desire to walk in the fullness of His grace. Glad I found your blog through She Speaks...maybe I'll see you there :)

  6. Thanks so much for sharing, Stacy. How He loves us! Hmmmmmm. Precious, how personal He is.
    May God continue to bless you and hold you close...

  7. Hi Shelly, thanks. Oh, that would be so sweet... to see you there...:)

  8. Wonderful Shawnelle. You are stronger than you know.

  9. Your boys are so cute!

    I hope you get to go! It is probably pretty nice for you to get to be around a room full of estrogen from time to time!

    I may be going on the speaker track with the similar trepidation.
    God bless you!

  10. Hey, Kathy, thanks!
    Precious - that you're willing to follow where God leads. I hope that you do hit that speaker track! God bless you!
    I'm smiling about the estrogen - YEP!You guessed it...
    Have a sweet day.

  11. Shawnelle, I can see you being a very effective speaker for the glory of God! Best of luck with the scholarship! Keep your "fans" posted!