Thursday, September 26, 2013

Binding the Broken

Isaiah is my fixer. He loves to repair what has fallen apart. He wants to grow up to be like Logan, fixer of the toys. Logan grew up to be like my dad. Fixer of most anything.

I guess it's in Isaiah's blood.

Today the dishwasher produces a couple of casualties: a cutting board, split in half, that has seen too many cycles, and a two-piece wooden spoon.

"I'm sorry, Mom," Isaiah says when he sees the pile of brokenness. Yesterday's stuff headed for the trash.

"No worries, Zay," I say.

"I'll fix it, Mom. Things will be good as new!"

I smile as he darts around the corner. I know where he's heading. The school room closet. He'll grab small, wooden chair and teeter on the seat. He'll reach for the duct tape. Then he'll pull the
lion-face scissors from the cup on his desk.

A few minutes later he returns with the treasures. The cutting board is strapped back together with wide strands of silver tape. The spoon is together again, too, the wide bowl of it covered in tape.

"Of course," he says. "You'll have to hand wash."

This boy makes me smile. With tenderness and love he worked to make things whole.

Makes me think of the Lord.

It's been a not-so-lovely week around here. Lonny and I are waist deep in an issue with one of our sons. It's painful. It's tough. We're unsure of what to do and it feels like our hearts are beating on the outside - unprotected and uncovered. Feels like the broken edges of that cutting board - rough, splintered, and raw.

My comfort is in the faithful kindness of the Lord. He is faithful to bind up our wounds. To pull the edges together. To offer protection. My peace is in knowing that the Lord is with us and He'll hold us and care for us. He'll bind the parts that are broken.

The Lord heals the brokenhearted and He binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

Isaiah still stands in front of me. Smiling. Giving. His love for me shows powerful in what he has restored.

Father, place us together today, too, in Your perfect love.

My son stretches his arms forward and offers what he's repaired.

I reach to take it.

And my heart reaches for the Lord.


  1. Oh how I wished I lived close enough to sit and have coffee this week! ((Hugs)) Holding you close to my heart!