Thursday, June 13, 2013

Loaves, Fish, Prickly Children and a Prayer

The boys have been sharp with one another. There are rough edges, and the rough edges are unkind words.

Words cut.

Cuts hurt.

It happens every summer and every autumn - this state of falling apart. Maybe it's the extreme shift of schedule from homeschooling to free time and then the swing back again. I don't know. But there's an adjustment period. We have to find our beat. I wish we could find it in a more peaceful way.

But that's not where we're at.

So this morning I wake and I'm hungry for God's Word. And He takes me to feeding of the five thousand. He takes me to a remote place churning with people. Jesus showed compassion and  healed the sick. Healed the broken. Healed the hurting.

It became late.

The crowd became hungry.

And the disciples wanted Jesus to send them away.

But that's not what Jesus did. He took a small amount of food, five loaves of bread and two fish, and he gave thanks. He broke the bread. Then he gave the food to the disciples and the disciples fed the people. We know that five thousand bellies were full, but the provision didn't stop at full bellies. There was an abundance of bread and fish.  A twelve-basket overflow.

In Jesus' hands even a small amount brought leftovers.

I think again of my household and my heart fills with prayer...

Jesus, you provide more than enough. Your blessings flow and people and baskets fill with good things. Take the kindness, the patience, the brother-goodness in my home into Your hands. It seems like a small amount this week, a five loaves and two fish amount of kindness. But multiply it, Lord. Fill our hearts to the brim. Let the goodness flow over.

Let there be an abundance, an overflow, of truly loving, good things.

I hear activity above me. Movement. The bones of this old house creak.

 The boys are awake.

The day is a clean slate.

And in Jesus' hands,  I expect good things.

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