Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Blessing of Time - (And "The Christmas Ornament")

It's a rare moment. The boys are out. The house is quiet.

It's just me. A cup of tea. And a greyhound named Sis.

We're in the living room. The tree twinkles bright. I love moments alone. I enjoy quiet and still.

And it's then that I see the ornaments.

It's then that my heart feels full.

The ornaments were made by my oldest son. I admire the shiny, white globes. I remember when he made each one. They signify life. Love. And the passing of time.

I usually kick and scream to the tick of a clock. I usually wrestle hard to hold the hands still.

But not today.

Today the passing of time makes me smile. Today the passing of time brings me joy.

Because today I can see that time can bring healing.

Time can tame fear.

Time can settle a shaken heart.

When Logan gave me the first ormanent, he was a small boy. When he gave me the second, he was a young man about to leave home. Back then I couldn't even imagine pressing through. But the days have been filled with the God's grace. The days have been held in His hands. Through the days His faithfulness has flowed. He's allowed me to grow. My son has grown, too.

There have been pains to it all. The stretch of change. The pull of letting go. But it's all good. I've seen the fruit of His activity. I've seen His tender love and care..

So I sit in the quiet and sip tea.

I sit in the stillness and smile.

It's just me, the dog, and a twinkling tree.

Covered by the blessing of time.

Link to my story, "The Christmas Ornament", Guideposts, December 2010.

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