Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Fort

There's something about a boy (boys) and a fort.

The world is spinning fast. But they don't know. They've found someplace quiet. Someplace still. They've found a place where their only reality is what they make it.

It's a get-away world. A place for secrets and dreams. It's a place to share, too, hearts and time and adventures.

I stand and watch. An outsider.

But that's okay.

Because just standing here, just admiring them, makes my world more slow and lovely, too.

Thank you, Lord, for quiet places for boys to be just boys.


  1. Does Sissy go in the fort with them? Looks like fun!

  2. Hi Peggy - No, smile, the fort was on the deck and Sissy-Girl doesn't do stairs (except to the family room, which is new,and a funny story - remind me). Strictly guys,I guess:)

  3. this is so cute!! I love forts :-) they are always so much fun.

  4. I saw your link on Guidepost and had to stop by...I have five boys too! They are all grown now; boys in men's bodies. Take all the time you can to watch them, hug them, love them.

  5. Hi Charlotte - I'm so glad you stopped by! Five boys too? And grown. I'm sure I could learn a lot from you....oh, I know, it just moves so quickly. That big boy in the fort...I remember him building, too, toddling then after the older one. Thank you for the wise words.