Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prayer for Blessing on Their Work

It was a summer of first jobs. Samuel took care of a friend's dog. Grant cared for a friend's boys during the day and served ice cream at night.

It's a precious thing when others trust your children. Trust them enough to give them responsibility.

Now summer gives way to the routines of fall, and we're in a season of change. The jobs shift a little. The responsibilities, too. There will be school books and homework and tests. Time management and discipline and perseverance.

There will also be fun. And joy and laughter and play.

But there will be work.

And it comes to heart this morning, after I've delivered Grant to the high school and the other boys will soon be delivered to different days too, to pray for blessing on the boys' work. That their character would develop strong. That they would grow not only in knowledge but in wisdom, too. And that the Lord would hold them safe and cover them with life-giving grace.....

Father in Heaven,

Thank you for these boys. Thank you for the gift of their lives. For their hearts. For their passions. For their gifts and talents and minds and souls. Thank you for loving them.For holding them in your righteous right hand. For knowing the hairs on their heads and the beat of their hearts and for the work you've created in advance for them to do.

I pray that my boys would be diligent in their work. That they would find value in a job done well. I pray that they would do not only what's asked but that they'd stretch far and go the extra distance. I pray that they'd be honest, that they would persevere, that they would to their jobs to the best of their abilities.

And if they stumble, Lord, I pray  they'd accept your grace.

I ask that my boys would have hearts for serving and that they would value others.

But most of all, I pray that Logan, Grant,  Samuel,  Gabriel and Isaiah would know that whatever they're doing, whatever task or job or assignment, there's an opportunity to honor you.

In your sweet mercy and from the fullness of your grace, I ask for blessing on my boys' work.



  1. I wish I could come get a scoop of ice cream from Grant.
    Okay, two scoops!

  2. Come on over, Mrs. Frezon. We'll have Grant bring home choc fudge brownie... you and I can visit and eat ice cream til dawn:) Oh, I wish....

  3. Such handsome, hardworking young men you have! And might I add that they are very blessed to have you and Lonny as parents, instilling such great work ethics at their young ages! So so very important!

  4. Thanks, Kell. We're trying...all in God's good grace. Love to the crew!