Monday, May 23, 2011

Broken Banks and Beyond

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity. Proverbs 17:17

Samuel wanted a piggy bank the moment he saw them, side-belly-to-side-belly, on display at Target. They were black, matte finish, with dotty white eyes. Perfect for the shelf he made at Cub Scouts. Perfect to hold coins and bills from tooth fairies and birthdays.

The piggy bank appeared in Samuel’s Easter basket, peering over a jumble of Cadbury eggs and jelly beans.

Sam was elated. He pulled the bank from the basket. Danced around the living room. Shouted “HOORAH!”  Then dropped the bank on the hardwood floor.
The bank shattered. So did Sam’s smile. He tried to handle his emotion with nine-year-old-boy bravery (gulp, breathe deep, bite your lip and try not to cry). But he didn’t have to try for long because Gabe, whose basket also held a bank, came to the rescue.
“Here, Sam,” Gabe said as he pushed his own smiling pig toward his brother. “You take mine. You really wanted a piggy bank.”
It’s not always like that. The boys don’t always react from merciful, benevolent  places deep in their hearts. But when they do, it’s sweet. Very, very, mighty sweet.
It’s my prayer for my sons that as they grow they'll continue to “cover” one another. That they’ll have one another’s backs. That they’ll care for one another and provide for one another and love one another well, even when it means making a sacrifice.
It’s my prayer that they’d be not only blood brothers, but Christian brothers.
Today and tomorrow.
Broken banks and beyond.


  1. How incredibly sweet of Gabe! That just warms my heart!

  2. What a sweet lesson in sharing and compassion. Smiling here!

  3. This is so sweet...and it reminds me of something I did 20-some years ago. I bought a goldfinch ceramic windchime for a friend as a gift and when I pulled it out to show Scott I jingled it around and ended up making it fly across the room and break. :( I was upset then, but I laugh about it now. (No one came to my rescue with a new one like Gabe did.)