Thursday, February 10, 2011



I'd like to cyber-celebrate Valentine's Day by sharing a copy of Cup of Comfort for Christian Women (release date Feb. 18). "Personal Hannah", my story of launching Logan, is included.

Here's the deal. Just leave a comment below - Your name and a one-liner about how GOD'S LOVE has touched you this week. Then, in our high-tech way (Gabe pulling a scrap of paper from his hat), we'll randomly choose a winner.

Thanks for your love and support.



  1. Hi Miss Shawnelle!
    This is Ginny Robbins :-)
    This week God has shown me how he really thinks I am beautiful just the way I am. I was feeling kind of down about looks in the car, but then a song came on our Christian radio station and it was about how I am beautiful just the way I am. It made me smile and have warm fuzzys inside.

  2. This will probably sound a little boring, but maybe it demonstrates how God is there even in the most ordinary times of our lives. I was led this week to speak out at a meeting of our local city planning commission, was I nervous, but I knew what I had to say represented the feelings of many others in our community too. After the meeting concluded, I had many people thank me for having the courage to speak up. I wasn't sure I had really done that great of a job, but I got lots of "pats" on the back for my efforts. Later on, I thought about how God was there with me--He's the one who gave me the courage to speak & sent loving people to support me. Not very valentinish, but still a God moment in my life!

  3. This week I've been touched many times by God's love - friends praying for safe travels as my son comes home for his mid-winter break from college. A pastor who followed up with me on some questions I had showing he's not too busy for even the smallest things, and for reading God's word and the enlightenment He gave me intimately and individually. I feel very loved and very special.

  4. Reading your blog is one way I feel touched by God's love. (I'm not trying to butter you up, I know the pick is random!) I also felt touched by God's love this week when my husband took time out of his busy day to take me to a doctor appointment and then enjoy lunch together after. I feel so blessed by the love and care my husband shows me every day.

  5. Sarah-Since I don't have a google account I am using Ginny's to post! :) I have had a rough few months and have not felt God's hand in my life. This week I have been intentional about trying to find him in the everyday things and realized he is there every day with me through my children. Even as teenagers their love, support, laughter, smiles, knuckle touches and hugs are God's reminders that he is with me every day through the blessings of my children.

  6. I've had a very stressful week. Seems I went from sun-up to daycare kids kept me busy, and my own kids even busier. One of the little 3 year olds I care for said "Miss Jenny" at a time in the day when 10 things were happening at once. Just as I was about to say "Yes, Brook. What now?" She said "I love you." The first time she has said that in the 3 months she's been here. God's love is all around me on a daily basis, and a sweet 3 year old reminded me when I was at my wit's end. : )

  7. This has been a very emotional week for me. I attended a meeting with Sophia's new educational team. My heart breaks at the thought of sending her off to school so young and tiny. I was overwhelmed by what God has done in her life, as well as ours, when I was surrounded by her new educational support staff. This once frail, incredibly ill child who was lost in the "system" is now adopted, healthy and thriving beyond belief with a team of many who love her. It literally brought me to tears after the meeting. God is good!

  8. Hi, Shawnelle! The love of my husband touches me every day. But unlike the "love" I knew in my former life, his is total and unconditional and so very unselfish. In our now going on six years together, he's honored and celebrated Valentine Day with such fun and love and surprises every February. He could just let the day slide by, but he goes WAY out of his way to shower me with gifts (he battled mean traffic in San Antonio just to find flowers!). I'd venture to say that my James loves me as much as God. Or more! And THAT'S a LOT! :-)

    P.S. The rest of the year is just as much fun with James. We laugh together every day.