Monday, October 21, 2013

What I Found on Saturday

Logan and I took a day trip on Saturday. We filled the gas tank and headed north. We found that the river valley was decorated for fall.

We found a roadside flea market, and I found a green rabbit cookie jar with a smile that made me smile.

We found a restaurant with crispy crust pizza and an antique store in a former opera house. Logan found an old window pane, and I found a kitchen stool with a funky retro print.

I found a fishbowl with an unusual shape, and then we found a coffee shop and eggnog lattes. And later in the day we found our way home.

We found many things on Saturday, but the most important treasure, the thing that moved my heart, was the understanding that no matter how much our children grow, even when we blink and a babe becomes a boy and then a young man, time shared, one on one, is a gift.

Time to laugh. Time to smile. Time to share. Time to be quiet. Time to appreciate the grace and goodness in the relationship that we have.

What a blessing I found on Saturday!

It's one I plan to keep.

Lord, thank you for time, carved and created, with my growing sons. Amen.


  1. I did a blog post not too long ago on "time" and you've said it well. Family time is a true blessing, one I gather to my breast and treasure each and every time I am with them. Love to you all.

  2. Hi BJ:) Oh, I remember that blog post! The one about your treasured time in Wisconsin with the fam, right? Precious. It hit my heart. And love right back to you!

  3. How is it that the little blonde haired, baseball cap clad, boy I met in Midland, Michigan grew up so fast?! Love this...and the closeness you two still share! Treasured moments for sure!

    1. Oh Kel - I know. Happens soooo fast. Love how the Lord brings new ways to be close, though. And I love that you and I are still close, too. :)