Monday, May 20, 2013

Living Crazy And Being Still

The thing about life, and the way that we live it, is that it's wild-and-crazy full.

It's been one of those weeks. Breathless living again.

And I'll just guess that you can relate.

I grab those quiet moments in the morning. Those moments when it's just the Lord and me and the house is still.

 Life is still.

I am still.

I can linger in His Word and breathe deep and feel quiet inside.

Then the morning wakes.

And the sweet wonderful is all around.

But life will run full force. Wild and fast all day.

So how do I be still, Lord? How do I be still and know that you are God?
 How can I be still with the stillness can't come?
Maybe it's in taking a moment to pause, to step out of the breathlessness. Maybe life can spin around me, but I can see His glory in the work of His hands.
                                                           Or in the wonder of a child.

                        Or in the grace of a heart expression that comes at just the right time.

                             Maybe it's seeing Him in the sweet goodness of brotherly love.

Or in the endless, everyday moments that are folded, like treasure, into the daily rush.

I know that all good gifts come from Him, and if I can just stop to see, these gifts are all around.

And it's not so hard, after all, to be still and and to know.

To be still and to know that He is God.

Have a beautiful Monday.

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