Monday, March 4, 2013

A Prayer for Brothers

I hear them before I see them. Their voices are small. Hushed. I walk two steps more and now the murmur is behind my back.

Two little boys are huddled under the school table.

Their shoulders are hunched. Their hands curl around small, plastic action figures. The Batmobile is parked somewhere under there, too.

And they're lost.

Lost in the secret world of brotherhood.

It strikes me, as I stand here, how precious this relationship is. "You're best friends by design," I tell them often,"God made you brothers." Now I watch them, their chins tucked and their blond heads tipped and pressed tight, and I want to pray for their relationship. For the relationships of all of my boys.

These relationships will be standing long after Lonny and I are gone.

And it's my prayer that they will will stand strong.

I think now about the big boys, too. How it's so natural for them to pull a small one to a lap. How a joke or story can pass between them and not be lost in a fifteen year gap. How last week at basketball, Zay said to a teammate, "Please pass me the ball. My big brother is here."

There is something dear about brotherhood.

So I pray here and now, while the little ones whisper in their own secret world...

that their brotherhood would be strong in this one.


Thank you for these boys. Thank you for their hearts, their minds, their strong bodies. Thank you for the gift of brotherhood.

Please grow their relationships. I pray that there would be trust among my boys. I pray that they would defend one another, that they would cover the brothers' backs. I pray that there would be laughter and joy, common interests, things that they will share and enjoy throughout the years. I pray that one day their wives would love one another, too. Let my boys have a deep, loving friendship, like David and Jonathan's, made even more rich because of the brother bond.

Protect my boys from the enemy, Lord. Protect their relationships. Keep them safe. I know that the enemy targets brotherhood. He aimed arrows at the first brothers, after all. Please guard my sons.

Help my boys sharpen one another, and above all else, encourage one another to walk with and seek You.

I'm grateful, Lord, that you are the designer of family. Of boys. Of brothers.



  1. Your prayers bring duck bumps to my arms and warmth to my soul. Thank you for sharing the brotherhood of brothers. With two grown sons (turning 39 and 40 this year), I have seen the brotherhood in action. They've been there for each other, sometimes silently, sometimes questioning, but always loving. It's touching for a mom to see how God designed the brotherhood. Amen to brothers!

  2. Thank you, BJ.The brotherhood thing is special. How dear, to look back and see that your sons have always been loving with one another. That's a desire of my heart. (I remember seeing a wonderful pic of your sons having fun together, too...another heart's desire). Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Your boys have all the ingredients to achieve all your desires and prayers :) You've planted deep, broad roots for them to grow from. They are very blessed to grow up in your home, with the Godly example of you and Lonny. Parents who pray, there is no better gift for a child. I've witnessed their brotherly love. It is beautiful. It is tear worthy. And because of you and your faith and your example, they have branched out to love others with a friendship love that is so sweet and sincere. I love the photos that capture those brilliant smiles so sweetly. You can see it in their eyes. Good boys, with good parents.
    love you all!

  4. Thanks, Sarah, for the kind and generous words. And thank you, too, for that other kind of brotherhood, the kind that our families share, when men (big and small) are brothers in Christ ~ your husband and mine, your sons and mine, your husband and my son.
    God's goodness, in brotherhood, all over.
    Blessed to have you all, sister:) love you.