Monday, November 12, 2012

When The Ordinary Turns Extraordinary - Why I Love Today

Today is an ordinary day.

I'll wipe counters. And noses. I'll spend the day with a stack of books and a stack of boys.

I'll take a walk at noon. To stretch the dog. To stretch the sons.

I'll start dinner at three. Then run like wild until five.

And the evening will evenings always do.

But today I'm in love. I've fallen in love with today.


today I can hold a hand.

I can listen deep, with focused mind and heart.

And I can make  someone special feel like he's the most special- someone in the world.

Today I can help mold a character.

I can speak words of life.

I can invest.

I can give.

I can love.

I can use this day to know Him more. To let His love flow.

Over me.

Through me.

And into this day .

A day that's extraordinary after all.


  1. Love this Shawnelle... we need to find the extraordinary in the ordinary more often.

  2. Love! A great way to look at something with fresh eyes. We need to do that more often.

  3. Thanks, Kerry. Sometimes I think the best blessings are so simple - and close:)

  4. Thank you, Kathy. I want to live that way - eyes wide open. I know there's so much that I miss...