Thursday, May 3, 2012

When It's Spinning Too Fast - Great is Thy Faithfulness

We're in the van, caught in the loop of a great thread of yellow school buses and Grant is fretting because it's close to eight and it's likely he's late.

I think about the day's agenda and I start to fret a little too.

It's all good stuff. All good things. Then guilt over fretting the-good comes hard and fast. I try to push it away but the sinking feeling is that maybe I'm not tending hearts as well as I'm tending commitments and chores.

There's school between nine and twelve. Then an obligation, out of town, after that. Home for dinner and Lonny's back from out of town and he's never cared about the status of the house but strands from last night's spaghetti are crispy and curled under the table. Logan's room needs to be made ready because Praise the Lord he's coming home and the boys' bathroom should be in better shape that in a guys' college dorm. There are no groceries in the house and I'd like for there to be homemade cookies under cake pedestal glass and how can I make that dinner after all...

And the boys...the boys...will I hold them enough today? Listen? Teach them about God's love?

Is it possible, when I'm task-driven and running like wild? How can I do the things that matter most?

I whisper out to the Lord and the answer comes wrapped in grace, soft and mighty, a beautiful truth bound in love...

because just then, on the radio, Fernando Ortega sings of His faithfulness.

Great is Thy faithfulness
Great is Thy faithfulness
Morning by morning new mercies I see
All I have needed
His hand hath provided
Great is Thy faithfulness
Lord unto me.

The pressures are settled and the panic stops short. It will be okay. In His strength. Not mine. Because all I've needed He has provided.

Great is His faithfulness.

Lord unto me.

Father, please provide wisdom and discernment. Energy and time. And most of all, provide those reminders that what I really need is You.

Link to Great is Thy Faithfulness - Fernando Ortega

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