Monday, February 20, 2012

Mr. Grant At the Wheel - Faith Grows Bigger

The phone rang as we were finishing math. I let the machine pick up.

"Hey, Shawnelle. It's Tammy. I'm driving down Hwy 84, behind the driver's ed car," she said. "Logan's driving. Call him and tell him to Step. On. It!"

I heard my girlfriend's light-hearted laughter. I laughed, too.

That was four years ago. And Logan is still a cautious, careful driver.

But I'm no longer laughing.

I took our second son for his driver's permit on Saturday.

Mr. Grant is at the wheel.

Grant is lively. And fast. A fast thinker. A fast mover. He gulps life a mile a minute.

And I know when my friend is trailing the driver's ed car, she won't be calling  to tell my son to drive faster.

I'm not comfortable. Not one bit.

But we'll teach. We'll train. We'll pray like mad and allow him freedom as he proves himself worthy.

And most important, we'll trust.

It's spiritual hand-over, really. I'd prefer for my son to stay on two wheels. But he's growing.


And it's time.

So as I hand my son the keys, I'll hand him over to the Lord.

Father, please keep him safe. Keep him strong. Give him wisdom and discernment and a respect for this responsibility.

And once again, as I marvel at how my sons are changing, I understand that

as my boys stretch and grow, my faith must grow, too.

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  1. Good luck! This was one of the most difficult times for me. Both my kids are excellent drivers, but it is still hard for me to picture them doing something that seems so responsible and dangerous. You know what i mean? When my son can't remember to pick up socks in his room, how is he going to merge on a 6 lane highway??