Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wild and Crazy Ride - A Breathless Prayer

It's Saturday morning,the first Saturday in January, and the threads of the day unravel before the coffee machine has brewed my first cup. DMV with Grant for his permit by seven. Lonny to ticket sales at basketball tournament by seven, too. Samuel to games at ten, two,  and three. Grant to catch bus to Champaign at nine forty-five. Gabe to game at eleven. And Zay, poor Zay, hanging on tight because he's caught in the whirlwind, too.

Christmas break feels a million miles away.

And I'm breathless. Already.

I like to sip life slowly but this day is moving too fast.

As I start my van, scrape windows,  buckle in, I know I need to talk with the Lord. To dedicate this day to Him. To ask for safety. Blessing. But there's more...

I don't want to miss Him in the rush.

Let me see You, Lord, in this full, full day. Open my eyes. Open my ears. Touch my life with Your love and truth.

 Today is a wild and crazy ride.

 But I know You're here. 

 And I don't want to miss a thing.


  1. Wait! Did you say DMV with Grant for his permit?? No way that is possible yet! Where has the time gone?

    Oh our lives are so so similar. On days like that I just stop and remind myself that one day it will be just Tim and I. The kids will be off leading adult lives of their own and I will miss the busyness of raising five children.

  2. Yup, Kelly. Gulp. Now that will be a wild I know, time goes so fast. Most days I don't want to blink ~ I'm afraid the years will sweep by. You've been on my heart all day. Hope all is well with you and the fam. Sending big hugs! Love you.