Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lion Den Living

The warm afternoon was impossible to resist. The boys and I ate lunch inside. But after-lunch? Devotions outside. I grabbed our Bible and we bolted for a sunny spot in the backyard.

The boys clustered, pretzel-legged, on a cushion of gold leaves. I pressed in beside them.

“We’re reading one of your favorites today, guys,” I said. “Daniel and the lions’ den.”

“Yes,” Gabe said, long and heavy on the “s”.
The boys listened while I read the story . They love the part about the angels closing the mouths of the lions.

When I finished, my guys were quiet for a moment. Then Gabe ran his small hands through the still-soft leaves. He picked one up and traced the center vein with his finger. “Those lions were hungry,” he said.
“And Daniel was safe,” Sam said.

True. Daniel was in the hands of mighty God, the safest place to be. But his choice to kneel and pray to the One True God? It doesn’t seem safe. He knew that it meant punishment. He knew that his devotion to the Lord could be costly. But he didn’t waver. He didn’t hide. His chest didn’t hold a fear-driven heart.
Daniel didn’t deny his relationship with the Living God when the stakes were high.

He bowed in prayer and devotion.
Bold faith.

Lion den living.
I want that kind boldness for my sons. In a world turning gray, I want them to hold absolutes. In a world that dangles riches that won’t last or promises that won’t keep, I want them to stand firm on rock-solid truth.

Lord, may my sons love You with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength. May they never bow to another. No matter what the potential cost.
God was faithful when Daniel was thrown into the den. The hungry lions stayed hungry and Daniel was delivered.

The same mighty God holds the lives of my sons.
And as I sat with my boys, safe and warm in the glow of afternoon sun, I prayed that God would give them faith.

Faith enough for Lion Den Living.

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  1. I taught the story of Daniel in the lion's den to Nash just this morning! Such a powerful story!