Monday, October 31, 2011

An Autumn Prayer - Gilded by Heaven

The Norwegian maple in our side yard has gone gold. The limbs stretch wide, covered with thick foliage. When the sunlight sinks in deep, the yard is rich with an autumn glow. Even the light that streams through our windows seems warmer and richer, like it’s been gilded by heaven.

The light is welcome. It pours in, sweet and gold and strong.

As I stand in the kitchen, hands poised above the potatoes I’ll peel for dinner, a prayer forms on my lips. I’m calling out for God.

Oh Spirit,

Flow into this household. Pour in like the sun.

Bring your life to the places that are cold.

Reach in, Light of the World, to the deepest corners.

If there are shadows, dispel darkness with Your light.

Penetrate our home.

Soak into the hearts of those who live here.

Reign fresh within these walls.

Touch our spirits in the most tender place.

Leave us changed,

Renewed by Your love.

I stand in the kitchen and feel as though rays of gold have touched my soul.

The Holy Spirit of God is welcome.

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